Country - Argentina

Region - Mendoza

Grape - Malbec , Corvina


Producer - Masi Tupungato is a winemaking project developed in Argentina by Masi, an Italian company with origins in Valpolicella in 1772, producing quality wines from the Venetian regions and a leader in the Amarone sector.Masi has found the right cultural and environmental conditions for the use of the grapes and techniques native to the Venetian regions in the Tupungato valley, Mendoza region. Masi has taken its philosophy of care and respect for the environment to this region, creating a totally eco-sustainable company.The first plantings with different grape varieties – Venetian and Argentinean – were made in the 1990s, in order to assess their potential and their compatibility with the new environment. "Argentinian soul, Venetian style” is the philosophy behind Masi Tupungato.

Taste - Intense ruby red ,ripe cherries and sweet spices.Rich and intense cherry and fruits-of-the-forest flavours; good length and soft tannins.

Masi Tupungato, Passo Doble 2018 Organic