Country- Slovenia

Region- Goriška Brda

Grape- 100% Pinot Bianco

Producer- The Quercus wines are made a stone’s throw (a couple of miles, anyway) from the vineyards of Collio. Goriška Brda is Slovenian for Collio Goriziano, and while these hills may be divided by a political boundary, viticulturally they are one and the same. The result is fresh, modern wines that offer an extra terroir-driven elegance for the price.

Winery- The wine was fermented at 14ºC in stainless steel tanks. No oak maturation or malolactic fermentation took place, in order to preserve freshness and purity.

Taste- On the nose there are notes of apple, grapefruit and lemon, as well as a pleasant floral aroma. Smooth and full-bodied on the palate, with a long finish.


Quercus, Pinot Bianco, 2019