Zero G, Zweigelt, 2018

Country- Austria

Region- Wagram

Grape- 100% Zweigelt

Producer- Wagram may be one of Austria’s more obscure wine regions, but if Arnold Holzer’s talent is anything to go by, that may well change. We have developed this pair of wines in collaboration with the gifted young winemaker. Inspired by the gravity-defying antics of the Austrian mountain goats, the wines are light yet full of character. They also offer value for money completely beyond anything we have yet encountered in Austria.

Winery- The grapes were crushed and fermented at 22-26ºC, then matured in large old oak casks and bottled just before the new harvest.

Taste- Light in body yet intensely flavoured, this Zweigelt offers a great blend of spice and berry fruit. The cherry succulence on the palate is offset by a lick of black pepper, while the texture is gentle yet refreshing.

Zero G, Zweigelt, 2018